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We are super proud of Spirit of Sydney Expeditions and Antarctic Ice Pilot, who have completed a dual-vessel voyage to Antarctica 100% Covid-19 Free. 

It wasn't easy and there were many times when we thought it wouldn't happen. But we pushed forward and pulled every resource available to overcome the challenges that constantly came up. We had to be very flexible and adapt to different scenarios, looking for options as some doors were slammed in our faces.

But with all the team working hard to make it happen, we had a successful trip. This season. After being told that it was impossible and that we shouldn´t do it. That we should reconsider.

We were the only operator in Antarctica. We had total solitude.

Dr Tom Hart managed to achieve half a season’s scientific work in 2 weeks and to observe Antarctica from an exceptional perspective: having no tourists! This was a unique opportunity that we could never have planned for. We believe that his contribution from this season will be greatly valued by the scientific community.

Super proud of the team for pushing forward and making this happen, including Tim Blakemore, Tanja Bayer, Germán González, Tom Hart, Darrel Day, Ashley Perrin and Anita Speier.

We are also very thankful for the support of IAATO and our national program: the Australian Antarctic Division.

Spirit of Sydney Expeditions

January 22nd 2021


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