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Steve Irwin And Darrel Day

Darrel Day


A native of Australia, Darrel Day, first traveled to Antarctica the summer of 1999 on a mountaineering expedition. Since then he returned every summer and built his life around Antarctica. In 2003 he bought Spirit of Sydney yacht and has been supporting the most amazing expeditions ever since: including documentary makers from Discovery Channel’s Globetrekker, Animal Planet’s “Steve Irwin The Croc Hunter”, an HBOs VICE episode, scientists from Oregon State University Marine Mammals Institute (tagging Humpback Whales), University of British Columbia (Orca study), HBO Munchies (First ever cooking show filmed in the drake) and many others! Other expeditions have included National Geographic photographers, mountaineers, dry suit divers and kayaking expeditions including Andrew  Mc Cauley’s epic sea kayaking expedition in Antarctica. 


Darrel has sailed over 200,000+ nautical miles while supporting over 70 expeditions to Antarctica, as well as 13 to South Georgia. With all this experience gathered in Antarctica over the years, now his company and team have grown, and aside from his expeditions with Spirit of Sydney every season, he is currently managing and consulting within companies like Oceanwide, Cookson’s Adventures, Pelorusx. He designs some of the most incredible Antarctic operations including helicopters, submersibles, superyachts and ski-mountaineering.

Darrel is a leader in his industry, a full voting member of the International Association of Antarctic Tourist Operators (IAATO) and is a longstanding committee member on both the Membership, Yacht and Field Staff Committees.  


With nearly two decades of experience in Antarctica involved in yacht expedition support, permitting, lecturing, expedition staff work, consulting for aviation projects, expedition ships and super yacht voyages Darrel truly enjoys sharing his knowledge of Antarctica with others and working in a field he loves. 

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