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Jane Wilson

Expedition Leader

Born in Australia, Jane is one of our most experienced Expedition Leaders. Since the late 1990’s Jane has worked worldwide on expedition vessels as a zodiac driver, lecturer and expedition leader. She came to this industry after experience in National Park Management and Antarctic Science. Her days with the Australian Antarctic Program included extensive field work on Macquarie Island (Tasmania) and around Davis Station (East Antarctica).  She also worked as Scientific Voyage Leader on the icebreaker Aurora Australis (coincidentally with Spirit of Sydney Ice Pilot – Scott). This work took her to other stations such as Casey, Mawson, Heard Island plus nearby Russian and Chinese stations.  Her first season in Antarctic tourism involved itineraries into the Ross Sea & Commonwealth Bay.  From there she ventured to other regions of Antarctica, the Arctic and destinations in every major ocean leading guests to remote destinations, and has also been involved in planning itineraries, liaising with tour operators and training staff.

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