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Charbel Daher Photo

Charbel Daher

Ice Pilot

Charbel is a French native. His passion for the sea has always been present in his life, since he was a kid!  


He started sailing professionally since 2004. Holder of an Unlimited Master Mariner Certificate and an Engine officer Diploma from the Merchant Marine Academy in France, he works as Captain on board Cruise and Expedition vessels, and as Ice pilot on board Super Yachts, Expedition vessels and cargo ships.


Since 2010, he has been spending most of his navigation time in polar regions between Antarctic and the Arctic (Svalbard, Greenland, Canadian Arctic) and sailing in remote areas.


He has worked on and developed different Polar Water Operations Manuals. Being a

trainer on simulators for Ice Navigation in the French Marine Academy complements his

practical career experience.


Charbel likes to admit that he’s got the Polar Addiction!

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