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We Provide Solutions For Your Antarctic Project

IAATO VALUES: Being active members of IAATO since its beginning, we build and operate our expeditions and those of our clients in accordance with IAATO’s guidelines and we hold its values at the core of our organization. 


ITINERARY AND EXPEDITION PLANNING: We create itineraries to pursue the client’s objectives whether it’s heli-skiing, diving, kayaking or exploring Antarctica by helicopter and submarine. Firsthand field experience is essential to build a safe and unique adventure for the passengers. 


HELI-SKIING AND SUBMERSIBLE OPERATIONS: We provide support for a multitude of activities, including heli-skiing, mountaineering, diving, helicopter, and submarine operations. Obtaining the required permits, management plans, expedition staff and always relying on our network of experts, we solve the most complex needs in Antarctic Travel.


EXPERT-STAFF FOR YOUR YACHT: We supply the best expedition leaders, mountaineering guides, expedition doctors, helicopter pilots, submarine operators, ice pilots, and expedition staff.  With more than 20 years of Antarctic experience we just know the leaders of each field.    

REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION: Antarctic Permits, Risk Assessments, Operation Manuals, Environmental Impact Assessments, Standard operative procedures (including helicopters and submersibles). We can permit through Australia, United States and Great Britain.


STARTING A NEW OPERATION IN ANTARCTICA: If you want to start a business related to Antarctic Tourism, we can help you have a successful start. We’ve been helping investors from day one; from finding an appropriate vessel for their operation, managing sales, provisioning, staffing, staff training and navigating the legal aspects of Antarctic travels.   

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