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With 35 years Yachting Experience and 10 years specializing in Alaska and Northern Arctic waters Captain Maiwenn’s experience is mostly off the charts, literally. For the last 5 years she has been running Ice Class Yachts in the high Arctic creating expeditions to the very top of the world, exploring the difficult waters of the Northwest Passage 3 times and taking a Science Expedition into the uncharted Fjords of East Greenland on the 72M A1 Ice class Nansen Explorer. She is not only a great Ice Pilot who loves mentoring and sharing her knowledge with your crew, but also a natural explorer and a highly experienced Captain. She holds

Advanced Polar Certification and accepted by Transport Canada and insurance as an Ice Advisor for the Northwest Passage.
Whether you want to sit with a curious arctic fox or take a pilgrimage in the footsteps of the great polar explorers, to travel the areas beyond the ice charts or meet Inuit hunters Captain Beadle has the knowledge to take you there safely, the inquisitive nature to make it an incredible exploration and the contacts to make

things happen smoothly

Captain Maiwenn Beadle
Master 3000, Ice Pilot and Explorer

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