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Philippa Bowden

Ice Pilot 

Philippa is our female Ice Pilot from the UK. She first set sail as a teenager back in 2008, navigating worldwide and carrying a variety of goods on board general cargo vessels. Focused and determined, she became the first and only female officer in her company. It wasn’t long however, until she found her way to Antarctica on a research and supply ship. Her career progressed and she moved away from the ice, working on high speed ferries and well-known cruise ships whilst continuing her academic studies to gain Master Mariner Unlimited certification. Just weeks after passing her final exam; she was on a flight to Ushuaia to complete a full season as the navigator and helicopter landing officer on board her first expedition ship in Antarctica. Currently she holds level 2 Ice Navigator certification issued by the Nautical Institute, which is the highest-level certification required by captains and chief officers who must make command level decisions. 

Now she works freelance when she can. Most recently she spent a season as the sole ice navigator/ pilot on board a luxury superyacht with a private client. Her full-time job is in the London office of a leading cruise company, developing nautical procedures for masters and their bridge teams to follow. Not only this, she also implements them on board. Even though Philippa is a high-flying businesswoman now, she’s got itchy feet to get away any time she can and thus she makes for the perfect Ice Pilot for your Antarctic adventure!

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