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Scott is a native from Australia. He has safely executed over 50 voyages to Antarctica for durations up to three months at a time. This isolated and unique environment presented various ship handling challenges for him such as holding station in a 100kn blizzard.

He is a Consultant to numerous national programmes for Antarctic Operations.

He hqas developed two Polar Water Operations Manuals and is currently part of the IMO consulting team for the development of the IMO Polar Code. He is also contributor to the International Ice Charting Workshop Group (IICWG).


At the present he collaborates with the Australian Hydrographic department to develop Antarctic Pilot Notes for the Australian Bases and assessment studies for areas of interest to navigation for the development of a surveying program within the region.

He promotes training, education and assessment for officers and crew to provide them with a realistic understanding of the elements involved in the safe, effective and enjoyable execution of a voyage south. Scott has developed several ice training packages for use onboard vessels and he offers a range of onboard training and lecturing to compliment the operation and experience on-board.

Scott Laughlin

Ice Pilot

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