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Trudy Kennedy

Environmental Impact Assessment and Permit Expert 

A native of Australia, Trudy works together with us on our Environmental Impact Assessments. She was employed by the Australian Antarctic Division for ten years - with four of those spent conducting environmental impact assessments and liaising directly with proponents seeking to conduct scientific, operational and tourism activities on the continent. Her experience includes assessment of Initial Environmental Evaluations together with Preliminary Assessments, and she has a firm understanding of the information required to be considered in the preparation of applications for environmental impact assessment by International Antarctic programs. 


She also worked for many years within the Support and Operations Branch of the Australian Antarctic Division, and accordingly understands logistical requirements for undertaking work in this part of the world. 


Trudy has completed a Bachelor of Business, a Master of Business and Innovation (with a major in Sustainable Business) and is currently completing a Master of Politics and Public Policy. No longer employed by the Australian Antarctic Division, Trudy now resides in Brisbane and continues to work in policy roles. 

On the complete flip side she is also a very popular group fitness instructor, qualified personal trainer and an exercise junkie.  When she isn't yelling into a microphone motivating her participants to move faster or jump higher, she can be found lifting weights or writing and trying new workout ideas. 

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